More than Music

Wedding are both celebrations of love and expressions of your personality. There are an endless amount of ways to express these things to your guests: through your choice of venue, your decorations and, of course, your music. But I recognize that my role as your DJ is providing more than music.

While I’m providing an amazing soundtrack I’m also carefully ensuring that each aspect of the wedding reception runs smoothly and feels perfect in every possible way. It’s my job. :)

Collaboration and Preparation

There are thousands of decisions to make in planning your wedding, some of them you’ll inevitably leave until the last minute, possibly even moments before the wedding starts! My approach is to work closely with you in the months before, talking over areas where people usually find stressful or time consuming.

Examples of a few items we’ll discuss:

  • Where is the best spot to make an entrance after cocktail hour?

  • When is the best time to greet tables during dinner?

  • When should we do first dances and parent dances?

  • Where should toast givers stand for the best photos?

  • What order should our toast givers speak?

  • What songs work best to get our party out of dinner mode and ready to dance? Combustion

There is a myth about DJs that they create great parties out of thin air. The truth is we can’t. There’s no magic song we can play to transform a dance floor into a mass of smiling people. What I can do is create a playlist of songs with special meaning and emotional significance. Your guests will know what to do from there. Using great music and great mixing I will make your wedding reception memorable and exciting.

So how do we do it?

Think back to great weddings you have attended in the past. Think about all the elements that were in place to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. By paying close attention to all the details (both major and minor) I craft an amazing night of music and memories for you and your guests.

My apologies if your feet get a little sore in the process!

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