First Dances: 5 Ways to Skip the Embarrassment

#1: The Classic

An easy Google search of common first dance songs will give you a handful of overplayed and sentimental tunes. Chances are there is an underplayed but still classic sounding song from these same artists. Your professional DJ will help you find one of these buried gems.

#2: The Modern

Great romantic and meaningful music didn’t stop in 1950. There’s no rule that says you must dance to something your parents heard on the radio when they were growing up. Younger couples might feel comfortable dancing to something written during their lifetimes. More power to ’em.

#3: The Meaning

Here is where hiring an experienced and professional DJ pays off. I had clients that wanted to dance to their favorite artist Gotye. It didn’t occur to them that the lyric “Someone that I used to know” might not work for their first dance. We dug into Gotye’s catalog and found a great song that worked perfectly.

#4: The Steps

Learn the moves, the audience will go nuts. Besides the song choice you can really impress with some practice and choreography. Maybe you don’t have time to take a ballroom dancing class. I get it. But there’s this free gigantic online video resource that will teach you plenty of moves.

#5: The Tempo

It’s a wedding myth, like the 60 minute cocktail hour, that your first dance song must be a slow plod. Trust me when I say that the 3 minutes will go by a lot faster if you’re actually moving out there. Also I promise the photos will look much, much better. Photographer’s cameras love movement. Try not smiling while dancing to an uptempo meaningful song. Physically impossible!


Want more first dance tips? Drop me a line.

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