The $100 Wedding DJ

Bad equipment is just the tip of the iceberg when you hire a cut-rate DJ. You’ve been warned!

Sights and Sounds Productions

When you hire a $100 wedding entertainment company…be expecting just that to show up on your special day…..$100 worth of entertainment.  The joys of working with the cheapest DJ you can find include:

Lack of professional grade equipment, in both performance and appearance.  Professional wedding entertainers use equipment which is specifically designed to be used on your wedding day.  A low end, low cost DJ is going to be using equipment which will produced audio which is far inferior to what you should have on your special day.  From speakers and amps to the microphone and event wiring, a professional company is just going to flat out sound better.

Lack of high quality music.  This is not simply the choice of music (more on that in a minute), but the actual quality of music.  Someone charging bottom basement prices for their services is going to using bottom basement files.  This…

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2 thoughts on “The $100 Wedding DJ

  1. Kay Hyde says:

    If you are going to hire a wedding DJ it is very important that you will not hire cheap DJs. I mean, you would not like it if your visitors won’t enjoy the entire reception right? I have even read an article saying that planning fot your wedding DJ is much important than planning withyour foods. The enjoyment of your wedding would really be different if you hire those experienced and professional DJs.

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