Engineers by Day, Hyphy by Night

Kicked off my 2018 season last night with a post-holiday holiday party at the beautiful City Club of San Francisco. Here’s me feeling festive at the start of the great evening:


After dinner and a raffle we kicked off my favorite part of the evening: the dance party. Things started pretty tame but escalated quickly:

Lots of Hennessy shots will do that, I guess.

Great night and a great start to 2018.


An Old Fashioned Romance

Jon and Virginia dated for 12 years before getting married in February at the historic Sainte Claire Club. They are two old souls that love each other very very much. The celebration with their friends and family was classic to say the least.

Photo credit: Rhee Bevere Photography

Hire a Great Wedding MC


What does it take to be a GREAT WEDDING MC?

I LOVE when prospective clients ask me this question. I honestly wish it was asked more often. Let’s consider the situation: you’ve asked a stranger (that you met on the internet!) to get up in front of your guests and somehow express the energy of the moment without being cheesy or over the top. It’s a risk that many bride and grooms try to avoid by having a untrained friend or family give announcements

The BIGGEST compliment I get is when guests ask if I’m friends with the bride and groom. That means they can FEEL the connection I have and how much the celebration means to me.

How did I become a GREAT Wedding MC?
The same way you get to Carnegie hall: practice, practice, practice.

I have professional training as a Master of Ceremonies and have experience speaking in front of VERY large crowds. Plus as a MC I want to know about the little details so I can help them all flow smoothly throughout the evening.

When I meet with clients here are some questions that I ask to help us plan the finer details of reception:

  • Are your parents planning on giving a welcome toast before dinner?
  • Is your officiant giving a meal blessing?
  • A rough idea of who is giving toasts and whether they are strong public speakers.
  • How does timing of the first dance fit into the reception.
  • Are we featuring any anniversaries or birthdays of grandparents?
  • Who is travelling farthest to attend?

Many times when I bring these questions up during a meeting I get a look of “we hadn’t thought of this” and that’s 100% OK. That’s why you start planning six to nine months in advance and hire great wedding professionals who have experience and can make sure things run smoothly.

In closing I’ll suggest that while you’re meeting potential Wedding MC try close your eyes and picture what they’ll sound like in front of your wedding. Will this person get mistaken for a family friend? Will they smoothly and confidently keep the vibe and energy of the event? If you can picture it in your mind then chances are you’ve found the right MC.

And if you haven’t, no worries, I’m here and ready to talk.

Mountain Winery

DJ Morgan


Ceremony Music for 2018 Weddings

Something that comes up often during meetings with my clients is the topic of ceremony music. I want to share a little of what I’ve found works to create a memorable and sublime musical moment for your wedding day.

Have you thought about any of the following?

  • Pre-ceremony music that fits your venue for when your guests arrive
  • Songs for your officiant and groom to start the ceremony
  • Song for the wedding party and parents
  • Your entrance music, also called the processional
  • Choosing a processional song that sounds unique and 100% “you”
  • A fun and energetic recessional that captures the celebratory moment

I have a treasure chest full of song ideas that I’m happy to share as we plan together. Even better is getting a chance to customize a one of a kind ceremony playlist that will set the tone you want perfectly.

Surprises and Gold Confetti

Nikki and Troy’s wedding at the Round Hill Country Club was filled with surprises and plenty of gold confetti. Shortly after this picture was taken SJ Sharkie and the A’s Stomper crashed the #wedding and everyone went nuts.

It was mayhem and it was glorious. 🦈💏🐘🎉


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Dance Party for Modern Lovers

Wondering what the kids are dancing to at modern weddings in 2018? Check out this collection of 22 songs that I used to create a one-of-a-kind dance mix for the newlyweds at Preservation Park in the heart of Oakland:

Sound like fun? It was! Gimme a shout and we’ll create a special playlist for your upcoming dance party.

DJ Morgan


Modern love meets retro-cool in the heart of Oakland

I had an absolute blast being a part of Chris and Nicole’s amazingly cool, amazingly fun retro-themed wedding reception this past weekend. Oakland’s skyline created a perfect backdrop for a gorgeous ceremony officiated by one of Chris’ longtime friends.

The warm night air mixed with home-brewed beer and cider made cocktail hour a perfect way to start toasting the newlyweds. My retro cocktail hour playlist included a mixture of classic Motown and dusty gems from the 70s & 80s. Apparently my song selection hit a chord and a few guests stepped onto the dance floor, testing the waters for later in the evening. Always a good sign when that happens!

The evening ended with a giant group hug encircling Chris and Nicole, literally surrounding them with love. They felt it, I felt it and I’m pretty sure the rest of Oakland did too.

Till next time!

DJ Morgan


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