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Reconnecting in Sonoma

After a long hiatus it felt incredibly good to DJ for a wedding celebration at the beautiful Beltane Ranch in Sonoma County. Eating, dancing, laughing and reconnecting until those mighty oak trees was just what everyone needed after living in lockdown for over 12 months.

I was so happy to be able to play some familiar songs that helped create some memories that will last until we meet again.

Live at Bloomingdale’s

The nice people at Bloomingdale’s had us play some tunes for their registry brunch kickoff thing. A dance party ensued.

Engineers by Day, Hyphy by Night

Kicked off my 2018 season last night with a post-holiday holiday party at the beautiful City Club of San Francisco. Here’s me feeling festive at the start of the great evening:


After dinner and a raffle we kicked off my favorite part of the evening: the dance party. Things started pretty tame but escalated quickly:

Lots of Hennessy shots will do that, I guess.

Great night and a great start to 2018.


Dance Party for Modern Lovers

Wondering what the kids are dancing to at modern weddings in 2018? Check out this collection of 22 songs that I used to create a one-of-a-kind dance mix for the newlyweds at Preservation Park in the heart of Oakland:

Sound like fun? It was! Gimme a shout and we’ll create a special playlist for your upcoming dance party.

DJ Morgan


Feels great

to have been a part in such an amazing wedding! 

If I can make a rule can every reception feature a whiskey tasting during cocktail hour from now on?

Photo credit:

Cheers to 2017


Andrew and Eunice raise a glass to their friends and family during their amazing reception at the historic University City of San Francisco. I’m the blurry but smiling guy in the background.

Photo credit: Sandra Fazzino

More from Carmel

Can’t stop grinning from how much fun this reception was!


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