So much music, so little time!

“We like so much music but aren’t sure what’s right for our wedding.” I hear this over and over from clients. How do you decide which songs are right for your party? Most importantly: when they hear it will they want to dance?

That’s where I come in, I love the challenge!

People always ask me what music I love and the answer is a simple one. I love any music that gets people moving, the genre and release date are irrelevant to me.

My playlists are a one of a kind mix of old and new.

Certain songs are timeless classics by artists that everyone knows. Other songs are new and capture an energy of the right now. Why not let me blend them together seamlessly into a fantastic and unique wedding soundtrack?

My music will make your crowd wanna dance.

Drop me a note about your favorite songs and I can start work on YOUR one of a kind wedding playlist.