So many records, so little time.

There are hundreds of great songs and thousands of good ones.

Music defines us and, in this digital age, surrounds us. With endless choices it’s difficult to decide what songs should provide a soundtrack to your wedding. How do you decide which songs are right for your party?

That’s where I come in, I love this part!

People always ask me what music I love and the answer is a simple one. I love any music that gets people moving, the genre and release date are irrelevant to me.

My playlists are an eclectic mix of old and new.

Certain songs are timeless classics by artists that everyone knows. Other songs are new and capture an energy of the right now. Why not let me blend them together seamlessly into a fantastic and unique wedding soundtrack?

My mixes will rock your world.

My background is in club and studio mixing. When I mix it’s always “in tune and on time” meaning I match both the tempo and key of my tracks. This technique isn’t flashy like scratching or beat juggling but it’s just as difficult. The result is a mix that flows from one song to the next. It means you and your guests spend more time dancing. I’ll apologize for sore feet in advance.