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The After Party Mix

The energy level peaked hours ago but we’re not ready to call it a night yet. Here’s a few more tunes to keep heads nodding and hearts pumping. Mixed live with no prepared set list. Enjoy!

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50 Fantastic Songs for 2013 Wedding Receptions


As wedding season kicks in the proverbial high gear I’m keeping busy with a playlist of some songs soon to be heard at a wedding event near you. Take a listen and let me know which are your favorites!

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Book Early, Book Often: Start planning your 2013 Wedding Now

Now is the time to hire vendors for your 2013 wedding reception. Actually, yesterday was. Or maybe the day before that. You get my point. If you haven’t already started looking I have some bad news for you.

Image of empty hotel

The best vendors in your area are already gone.

Top tier talent, whether it’s a DJ or a Photographer or Caterer, started filling in their calendars a solid 18 months prior to wedding “season.” The smart brides know this and will plan accordingly.

There is an added benefit here that you might not consider. The early your vendor team comes together the more time they have to coordinate with you.

Chalkboard 1+1=2

It’s a simple formula: More time = Less stress.

You should probably just close this window and start calling your priority list. Read reviews carefully. Ask to meet in person.

Here is your call to action: Schedule an interview with an experienced wedding professional today.

The alternative means you’ll get stuck with the stuff no one wants…

Book your wedding DJ early or get stuck with the leftovers. Yuck.

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