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Her Birthday Party was a Smash Hit

Received a note from a recent client who’s birthday party was held recently at the Sainte Claire hotel. Glad I was a part of a special occasion:

Thank YOU!  I have had several comments complimenting you and your style.  You were quite patient with all the kiddies and we do appreciate it.

As you might have figured out, we have had several serious health threats in our immediate family in the last year (one being my husband).  This was a celebration for them as well as for me and you helped to make it quite a success.

I will keep your information. . . another party in the future is quite possible.

The formula for this success isn’t a big secret. Take a great group of people, give them an evening to enjoy food and music and let the sparks happen. Why not use this same recipe on your next birthday, anniversary or holiday party? Contact me today!

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