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Jenece & Bruno Go All-Out Gatsby

Jenece & Bruno Go All-Out Gatsby

The wedding was May 4th, 2013 in Morgan Hill but it felt like we stepped into a time portal to the 1930s. Such an amazing reception from beginning till the very end!

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Swing Baby

Swing Baby

Students swing to a jazz band in a bamboo-lined student center in Vienna, February 1959.

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Photographer Writes Op-Ed, Reflects on 451 Weddings


It’s no longer enough to take wedding pictures that show a bride and groom in love—dancing, whispering during dinner, playing with a nephew or niece. These days, wedding pictures are elaborate, photographer-contrived setups that show the newlyweds kissing in a wheat field (as if it were a natural act to go wheat-harvesting on one’s wedding day) or aboard an old-time fire engine.

Great read from a professional wedding photographer looking back over his career. He finds himself curious about the lives of the couples whose marriages he shot. This curiosity leads him to some interesting places and revelations such as the one above.

Read more via Remains of the Day | People & Politics | Washingtonian.

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50 Amazing Wedding Photos


Fantastic collection of wedding photos from throughout the world. Great to see the diversity of celebrations and traditions. One thing that they all have in common this year: Gangnam Style.

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Backyard Jamming

A little late summer backyard pool party gig. Lots of old school hip-hop, funk and soul fit the vibe nicely. That’s backyard jamming alright. 🙂

Photos courtesy of Deja Vu Photography

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