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Super Simple Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar:

He wants an extra hour at the venue.

She wants her grandparents neighbors to attend.

He wants to keep costs under budget.

Her sister is insisting on performing the first dance song,

And so on and so on…

Couple are trying to balance THEIR wants and needs with the wants and needs of OTHER PEOPLE. It’s tough to do under the calmest conditions. Add in stress, expense, FUTURE IN-LAWS and you’re on a tough road to Conflict Town.

The days of letting the bride plan everything and the groom picking up the bill are over. Modern couples are collaborating during the entire wedding process. Some divide up tasks like a list of chores and conquer them separately. This division of labor can lead to it’s own set of problems. When the wrong choices are made it requires more work, more time, more conflict.

Talk to married couples and they’ll tell you the happiest they were during the planning process was when everything decided. Once the decisions are made they can focus on the enjoyment of anticipating the best party of their lives. Sounds great right?

Only one problem: Who decides?

Here is the simplest, most immediately effective way to avoid the conflict during the reception planning process. All it takes is this:

So simple you can even do it with one hand. (For intermediate to advanced users only.)

The 1 to 10 Scale

Sam and Kim are planning the menu, looking at the various elaborate dishes and their costs. She really wants to have fish, steak and veggie options for guests. He would be happier with just a buffet.

Instead of opening up the floor for the Great Food Debate of 2012 they calmly hold up their hands with outstretched fingers to say how important this decision is to them.

Sam holds up 7 fingers, Kim holds up 5. Sam wins. Buffet it is.

10 Must have.
9 Strong need.
8 Need.
7 Weak need.
6 Strong Want.
5 Want.
4 Mild want.
3 Vague interest.
2 Passing interest.
1 Faint preference.
0 No preference.

This method works, I promise. It worked for the planning of my own wedding. We used it to decidie on dozens of items, from cakes to guest lists to engagement photo settings. It was quick and didn’t lead to hard feelings. Now her sister’s first dance song rendition… that’s another story.


Save your “10s” for the thing you can’t possibly live without.

Like an excellent DJ. Just sayin’. 😀

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First Dances: 5 Ways to Skip the Embarrassment

#1: The Classic

An easy Google search of common first dance songs will give you a handful of overplayed and sentimental tunes. Chances are there is an underplayed but still classic sounding song from these same artists. Your professional DJ will help you find one of these buried gems.

#2: The Modern

Great romantic and meaningful music didn’t stop in 1950. There’s no rule that says you must dance to something your parents heard on the radio when they were growing up. Younger couples might feel comfortable dancing to something written during their lifetimes. More power to ’em.

#3: The Meaning

Here is where hiring an experienced and professional DJ pays off. I had clients that wanted to dance to their favorite artist Gotye. It didn’t occur to them that the lyric “Someone that I used to know” might not work for their first dance. We dug into Gotye’s catalog and found a great song that worked perfectly.

#4: The Steps

Learn the moves, the audience will go nuts. Besides the song choice you can really impress with some practice and choreography. Maybe you don’t have time to take a ballroom dancing class. I get it. But there’s this free gigantic online video resource that will teach you plenty of moves.

#5: The Tempo

It’s a wedding myth, like the 60 minute cocktail hour, that your first dance song must be a slow plod. Trust me when I say that the 3 minutes will go by a lot faster if you’re actually moving out there. Also I promise the photos will look much, much better. Photographer’s cameras love movement. Try not smiling while dancing to an uptempo meaningful song. Physically impossible!


Want more first dance tips? Drop me a line.

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Great Advice about Wedding Playlists from a Professional DJ

ImageThe best DJs are ones who reveal the secrets to their success. Opening the curtain on what makes a reception sink or swim helps you avoid the mistakes other people made at their wedding. A professional DJ, like yours truly, has worked dozens of events and understands a great party on an anatomic level.

When people complain that a wedding was boring, or unmemorable, it’s often because the music was lackluster, unfamiliar, or the DJ made poor choices in his programming of the music, or the order in which he played the songs.  So, the moral of the story is, , and give him a list of the songs that are special and unique to you as a couple and to your family and friends.

DJ Jason


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More than Music


Wedding are both celebrations of love and expressions of your personality. There are an endless amount of ways to express these things to your guests: through your choice of venue, your decorations and, of course, your music. But I recognize that my role as your DJ is providing more than music.

While I’m providing an amazing soundtrack I’m also carefully ensuring that each aspect of the wedding reception runs smoothly and feels perfect in every possible way. It’s my job. :)

Collaboration and Preparation


There are thousands of decisions to make in planning your wedding, some of them you’ll inevitably leave until the last minute, possibly even moments before the wedding starts! My approach is to work closely with you in the months before, talking over areas where people usually find stressful or time consuming.

Examples of a few items we’ll discuss:

  • Where is the best spot to make an entrance after cocktail hour?

  • When is the best time to greet tables during dinner?

  • When should we do first dances and parent dances?

  • Where should toast givers stand for the best photos?

  • What order should our toast givers speak?

  • What songs work best to get our party out of dinner mode and ready to dance?

https://i2.wp.com/4.bp.blogspot.com/-SlsBCuM_SiU/T7bAvv-k0XI/AAAAAAAAG8s/hQxw8wO6zfY/s1600/Spontaneous+Combustion+A0001.jpgSpontaneous Combustion

There is a myth about DJs that they create great parties out of thin air. The truth is we can’t. There’s no magic song we can play to transform a dance floor into a mass of smiling people. What I can do is create a playlist of songs with special meaning and emotional significance. Your guests will know what to do from there. Using great music and great mixing I will make your wedding reception memorable and exciting.

So how do we do it?

Think back to great weddings you have attended in the past. Think about all the elements that were in place to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. By paying close attention to all the details (both major and minor) I craft an amazing night of music and memories for you and your guests.

My apologies if your feet get a little sore in the process!

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