‘Better than a DJ’

A client recently wrote this about me in a review and it’s the best compliment I could hear. I love weddings. I really do.  Part of loving them is recognizing that my role as your wedding DJ is providing more than music. The amazing one-of-a-kind wedding soundtrack we’ll create together is just one piece of what I offer couples. I also want to help you plan and be a huge part of why your wedding day was so special and memorable.

Collaboration and Preparation

Speaking of that one-of-a-kind wedding soundtracks, let’s talk about that. There are so many decisions to make in planning your wedding. Some you’ll make at the last minute, possibly even moments before the ceremony starts! Other DJs might give you a stock playlist they’ve played at every wedding for the past 3 years. Blah. My approach is different. I work closely with you ahead of time, talking over areas where people usually find stressful or difficult.Mountain Winery

Things we’ll figure out together:

  • Does the ceremony site need speakers and wireless microphones?

  • How do we make sure our vows are heard by everyone?

  • How can we make our grand entrance original?

  • When should we do toasts and in what order?

  • When should we do first dances and parent dances?

  • What do we do if our guests aren’t dancing?

  • How do we balance our songs with songs our guests want to hear?


So how do I do it?

Think back to great weddings you have attended in the past. Think about all the elements that were in place to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. By paying close attention to all the details (both major and minor) I craft an amazing night of music and memories for you and your guests.

Sound good? Contact me today and let’s talk about your wedding.

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