Custom pricing available upon request.

If you’re just starting to plan your event or you have looked at dozens of vendors you are sure to see a wide array of prices, plans and promises. I’m sure you’re wondering the same thing I did when I planned my own wedding: What is the best way to filter out all the noise to find the right person or service? How do you decide between what you need and what you can afford? Does the phrase “get what you pay for” really apply?

My rates reflects years of training and experience I’ve put into being one of the very best DJs in the Bay Area.

A majority of the Wedding Industry is run by large “multi-op” operations with canned responses and inexperienced performers. They keep their listed rates artificially low and then increase costs by upselling “premiums” such as wireless microphones or custom gobos.

I charge a flat rate for ALL of my services. I will never try to up sell you with “premium” packages.

I’m not one for sales pitches or high pressure approaches. If I can give one piece of advice to you as you plan your event is to place a premium on hiring people who you genuinely enjoy and who you are enthusiastic about being a part of your wedding day.

My focus is a musical performance that matches your vision of a perfect wedding.

Weddings are an expensive and high stress occasion. This isn’t the time to let a rookie or family friend you’ve never met be in charge of the show. Demand personal interviews to get to know your vendors face to face. These are the people who will be in front of your guests. You’ll rely on them to keep your party running smoothly.

Your focus is having the time of your life with your friends and family.

My rates reflect who I am: a fantastic DJ and MC. Did I mention charge a flat rate for ALL of my services? Hiring me gets you a highly skilled individual with first rate equipment. Hiring me means unlimited consultations, venue walk-throughs, customized playlists from my 40,000 song library.

I will never charge you for additional performance time or driving distance.

Prevoius clients tell me they found our meetings incredible fun and helpful. Don’t settle, don’t delay. Finding the right DJ will turn your dream party into a reality.

Call me at (408) 430-3565 for a custom quote for your 2018 wedding. Availability is limited due to high demand. Are you ready to start a hassle free and fun conversation about your wedding?

Ok, Let’s get started!